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Club Registration Fees

The Club fee for the 2023-24 Competitive season is $575.

Club fee Includes:

  • Club registration

  • Club insurance

  • Player pass(one League)

  • One League fees

  • Affiliation fees

  • State fees

  • Weekly training throughout the playing season

  • Specialized training | Goalkeeping

    • Goalkeeper Training

  • Referee fees for one league game schedule

  • Referee assignors fee


**This does not include uniforms, tournaments, or extra leagues**

Team fee is separate from the Club fee.

Team fee includes:

  • Tournaments (typically 2-3 per season)

  • If required, Coaches expenses (travel, food, tolls, and hotel) related to tournaments and League Play

  • Referee fees for scrimmages and/other extra events outside of league play

  • Additional leagues fees for team.

  • Additional referee fees for team



Club fees: There will be no refunds of club fees.


Team fees: There will be no refund of team fees. Team fees are fluid depending on the tournaments planned, what the team is accepted to and the variable costs of travel. Every player is responsible for team fees regardless of tournament attendance.

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